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    It was not the most fashionable restaurant in downtown Minneapolis, but then again it wasn't plebeian or classless. Petru figured it would suffice for a first date. He scanned the crowd outside the eatery, and his eyes lit on a petite, pretty brunette. That might be her. He hesitantly approached. It'd be embarrassing to make a mistake here.

    Her eyes registered him, and she hesitantly smiled as he stepped towards her. "I'm Natalie," she said in a pleasant contralto. "Are you Petru?"

    He smiled through his dark beard. "Please, call me Peter if it would be easier for you. A pleasure to meet you, Natalie." She smiled back, shook his offered hand. Her small hand felt light, almost barely there, like someone had gently placed a cloth glove in his palm for a moment.

    "Shall we go in?" she asked.

    Petru shook his head. "Just a moment. This may sound a bit odd, but I like to get a picture every time I first meet someone. It's kind of a family tradition, I suppose. Not to mention I'm terrible at remembering faces." He smiled to put her at ease as he extracted his cell phone. She laughed off the request and smiled prettily as he framed her in the tiny LCD screen. The recorded sound of an old film camera's shutter came from the small speaker as he took the picture. "Perfect," Petru said. He grinned in self-deprecation. "I promise after that I behave normally." She laughed, and they walked inside together.

    Over a couple drinks at the bar and a decent dinner, they talked the way people did on blind dates. Natalie worked at a large psychological counseling center uptown, whilst Petru told her he worked for the local branch of a prestigious banking firm. She told him of growing up in St. Paul, he told her of growing up in Marseilles. Petru thought they got along quite well, and he could tell Natalie agreed.

    After dinner, he offered to walk her to a taxi. "That's gentlemanly of you," she remarked, and allowed herself to be led out the door. As they walked, continuing their conversation, he received a text message.

    "Forgive me," he said, as he extracted his phone. He read the two words, and nodded to himself. Still chattering away, Petru steered her onto the side street, telling her he knew cabbies would often come here to relax for a few minutes. Sure enough, a yellow Crown Vic was sitting there, no fare.

    Still playing the gentleman, Petru opened the door for her. "I really enjoyed this, Pete," she said to him. "Call me sometime." She opened her arms for an embrace. Petru nodded to himself. Perfect.

    He folded his arms around her slender waist, his hands forming a double fist in the small of her back. It was nothing to lift her off the ground. Natalie grunted, surprised by how hard Petru squeezed her. The pressure only intensified.

    She had had a few too many drinks, and it all happened too quickly for her to really react. Petru kept squeezing, digging his double fist in deeper. Sweat poured from his forehead and he grit his teeth with effort. It paid off after about ten seconds, and he was rewarded with a sound like a rotten bough breaking as Natalie's spine broke. She went limp, and Petru impassively watched her eyes glaze over.

    The cabbie flicked ash off his cigarette as Petru loaded the body into the back seat of the taxi. "Broken spine, eh? Wanted some variety with this one?" the cabbie asked in the French of the south. Petru said nothing, just took the grocery bag in back and looked through the banknotes therein. "It's all there," the cabbie assured him. "He may be a criminal, yes, but our patron is an honorable man as such men go."

    Petru glared. "Next time I send you a picture, Andria, don't take so long to identify the person in it. I was even considering a second date by the time you replied."

    Andria, the cabbie, shrugged. "Some things can't be helped, brother. You should know by now this is an uncertain business."

    Petru said nothing, just shouldered the bag and walked into the night. Time to enjoy the fruits of his labors.

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    That was creepy as hell. Quite good as well.
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      Disturbing. I like.


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        Disturbing, indeed, and well written.


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          Very creepy!


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            I liked that, but it wasn't super clear why he killed her. I'm guessing he's a contract killer but maybe it could benefit from some more explanation?


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              It's deliberately ambiguous. Whatever reason you can imagine for him being paid to kill Natalie is inevitably better than anything I can make up.