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Shady Sands Shuffled - Fallout without the NCR

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  • Shady Sands Shuffled - Fallout without the NCR

    This is an idea I've developed last year or so, but computer problems meant I ended up with it being in a nearly dead HD. So I'm recreating it from my mind. Hope you folks like it.

    Shady Sands Shuffled
    New California Nightmare

    The 'plan', as it was called, had gone down fast. One of Garl's raider skanks overhead his telling Tandi to prepare for escape. The man know as Vault Dweller barely dodged the bullets one of the guards fired toward his direction, and fled the other way.

    In what was a impossible gauntlet that to his last day he would swear should have been his death, the Vault Dweller somehow managed to run through a room full of raiders, fight a running gun battle with the Khans and zip it alongside his buddy Ian, whose heroic efforts with a 10mm Submachinegun fended off a number of Khans from surrounding the duo and killing them both. As it is, the Khans suffered many a loss in their group, which weakened the band for a time.

    As the Vault Dweller and his friend Ian ran away from Khan Camp, they heard a single gunshot that echoed down to their souls, and knew then that they failed utterly. The thunderous shotgun boom they heard would echoe in their guilty heads for days. Garl's punishment for Tandi's father and his stupid attempt to create a escape. As our heroes reasoned, you don't get called Death's Hand for nothing.

    With their heads down, the wannabe-heroic duo arrived at the village of Shady Sands. Nothing was said, all knew just from looking at the wounded heroes that their attempt had failed, and now, Tandi was gone. For days, as they recovered, our two heroes and Aradesh mourned his lost daughter. A good girl at the flower of youth, with a interest in the outside world, yet ultimately killed by it. She would never grown into the astonishing woman she could have become, never found young love, never had children and then became a parent herself, following her dreams and aspirations. Another tragic history of the wasteland.

    Despite his grief and loss, Aradesh wished the two well - they were good men, who helped the town deal with the Radscorpion problem and introduced Crop Rotation, and their failure was of no fault of their own. Two men by their lonesome could not defeat the Khans, the biggest raider gang of the wasteland. It was Aradesh's own fault, he should have taken care of her better, it was his responsability as a father.

    At first, Aradesh didn't accept it, hoping at first that his daughter may have not been the one killed, but the Death Hand sent no further emissars demanding tribute to his greatness and things of value in exchange for his daughter. It was time to accept the harsh truth: Tandi was dead, executed by a evil man. Another victim of the Outside, the Wasteland. A place full of men with bad karma and no god but money and their lusts.

    Aradesh redirected his remaning time on this Earth, before he joined Dharma, to ensure that Shady Sands became forever safe from the Outside, a haven of multiculturalism, peace and spirituality in this sick wasteland. Shady Sands would never be a victim of The Other, takers and expropriators. it would be free, calm, and self-sufficient. That was his dream, of a Shady Sands in which never would another father suffer as he did.

    In another reality, Aradesh would be the father of another dream, of a dream of Old World glory and justice and civilization. In his stead, his daughter would create the greatest civilization seen since the bombs rained from the sky and civilization died.

    But here, Aradesh's dream was another one, and it would create a different Shady Sands, and with it, a different wasteland. Aradesh's dream in this reality will be fulfilled as well, but here, like a ancient hebrew prophet called Moses, he will see it from afar, but never cross into the Promised Land. And when he went beyond, he went with serenity, knowing that wherever his daughter was, she was in a better place now, with her mother, and he would join them soon.

    Next up: The Vault Dweller's (Alternate) Journey!