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  • Expanding Horizons, a Battlestar Galactica TL

    Apollo 8
    Lunar Orbit
    December 24 1968

    The three astronauts of Apollo 8 had all been briefed about why their mission was important. It was so important that they had been shown two photos that the CIA had paid top dollar for from the Soviet Zond 3 mission along with NASA photos from Lunar Orbiter One and other probes that had been on the far side. Even through Apollo 8 wasn’t a landing mission that had been set out by President Kennedy his famous 1962 speech, the images of something in the Fermi Crater that had been returned by the Lunar Orbiter Missions and with the knowledge that the Soviets knew it was there had radically changed the focus of the Apollo mission. Getting to the moon was no longer enough, the goal was now getting to whatever the Fermi Object as it was known.

    Whatever was in Fermi Crater it was massive. Based on the work of the photo intelligence folks it was believed that the Fermi Object was at least ¾ of a mile long with a debris field that covered an area that was at least 25 by 25 miles. The debris field was possibly larger because of the fact they couldn’t see all the small objects that had been flung off the massive spaceship when it crashed into the moon. The people who had been allowed to see the Fermi Object had all agreed it was some kind of spaceship. But as to the nature of the space ship and the reason it had clearly crashed into the moon were at best guess work at the moment. On both sides of the Iron Curtain no one had the answer and everyone was hell bent at getting that answered.

    When everyone was pushing as hard as there were, it left a human cost in its wake. Both sides had paid a human cost to get at the Fermi Object but the goal remained the same, get the Fermi Object. For the US it was the crew of Apollo One who had died in the go fever that had come over NASA once the first photos of the Fermi Object had become known to NASA leadership. The Soviets had suffered the Zond 6 accident. With the pressure from the Kremlin the Soviet Space Program had put a crew of 2 into their prototype Soyuz 7K-LOK to get human eyes on the Fermi Object. However, their trans-lunar injection burn didn’t work as planned. When the two cosmonauts of Zond 6 tried to fire their engines to perform their TLI Burn nothing happened. The engine didn’t work and the two cosmonauts in Zond 6 missed their window to enter Lunar orbit. They died a week later in the cold deep dark reaches of Deep Space. Currently Zond 6 was still travelling through Deep Space and was projected to crash into Asteroid Belt in two years.

    Even with the Zond 6 tragedy in everyone’s mind Apollo 8 when ahead as planned. Everyone held their breath when Apollo 8 when for its TLI burn but it worked as planned. For the people in Houston that TLI burn had been the longest 4 minutes and 13 seconds of their life. Now Apollo 8 after performing an orbital burn to achieve the right orbit to get eyes on the Fermi Object. Frank Borman who was the command pilot key up the communication systems of Apollo 8, “Houston, this is Apollo 8.”

    “Go ahead Apollo 8.” Answered John Bull who was the current CAPCOM.

    “Houston, we are about to enter the dark side.”

    “Good Luck Apollo 8. See you on the other side.”

    Seconds later Apollo 8 had crossed over into the dark side of the moon. The three astronauts that made up the crew of Apollo 8 all when about getting ready to get the first modern human look at the Fermi Object. Unknown to one of the astronauts, one of their ancestors had been a crew member of the Fermi Object over 3,000 years ago before leaving it for a fresh start on a planet they had named Earth. After the hells of the Attack on the Colonies, the Rag Tag Fleet, and New Caprica had left everyone wanting a fresh start, and Earth gave them that. It was only now that human race was once again stepping into space, that the true past of Earth would be learned.

    Go on? Commits? Thoughts?

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    Sounds interesting, Big Jim.