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Guns of the South: Group from Actual 2014

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  • Guns of the South: Group from Actual 2014

    Going back over an old book as I did with the Worldwar series, I thought to wonder about what an actual group from the actual 2014 - as opposed to 2014 from the viewpoint of 1992 - looking to make the South win the American Civil War could bring to 1864 in addition to the AK-47s, rifle grenades, body armor, radios, medicines, air conditioners, etc., that the AWB actually did in the book. The book clearly states that the time machine they used was 3 square feet and transports exactly 150 years between the two time machine platforms in the 19th and 21st Centuries. So as time went on, the end of the book in 1868 would reach to 2018.

    Slightly off topic, I've always wondered whether the time machine transported through space as well as time, because I have trouble seeing the 21st Century United States not becoming suspicious about 100,000 AK-47s and other small arms being smuggled into a small town in North Carolina and the ATF, FBI and others not all coming down on the AWB. It seemed to me that their 21st Century platform had to be based somewhere in South Africa or elsewhere.

    What occurred to me immediately was that they could have brought drones through for aerial recon, which would have ruined the surprise attack the AWB had sprung on them in the later part of the book. However, they would also be vulnerable to the gunfire that would undoubtedly automatically be sent their way. Ultralights are also a consideration, though they face the same vulnerability.

    I also wonder if computers and/or smartphones could be used to any greater degree. The AWB brought some Macintosh computers through originally for undefined purposes. Small wireless networks could certainly be set up within a city like Richmond, though I'm not sure if a network could be extended towards their stronghold in Rivington, North Carolina. Though, really, the CB radios they had appeared to be good enough for long range communication purposes.

    I also rather wondered why they didn't bring any sort of vehicles through as well. Such as disassembling some off road motorbikes or dune buggies, say, and reassembling them in the 19th Century for faster transport. There would be the fuel question, I suppose. Two possibilities for local production would be, short term, making ethanol from corn and cereal grains that would be readily available in the Confederacy, while the long term solution would be helping them "discover" and develop the Texas oil fields.

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    Drones would be a smart idea (even if they shoot some down info could be priceless). They also need to make better use of the radios. 100,000 AK-47's is certainly going to get noticed (they could have an up time event where they are standing off with authorities like Waco). They would need a lot of vehicles to make any real difference. think it'd be more trouble than it's worth.