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Worldwar: 21st Century Race?

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  • Worldwar: 21st Century Race?

    I've found myself going through the Worldwar series again and I've been wondering if the Race would have been more successful if their technology was slightly more advanced than the 1990s tech they had in the series. Update the Race to modern day cutting edge tech, do they have more of an advantage invading the Earth of 1942? They still have their species' disadvantages of innate extreme conservatism, arrogance and weakness to ginger.

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    How much of a difference is there? I guess if they had stealth then humans wouldn't have been able to pick up their planes on radar. Drones would help I guess.


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      For example, the killercraft the Race use in the novels sound similar to the F/A-18 Hornet, whereas this alternate Race would use an equivalent to the F-35 Lightning II. They would allow the Race to dominate the skies even more thoroughly against any organized aerial resistance by prop and early jet fighters and bombers, but the stealth would be less effective than you'd think. Like the EMP the Race set off to knock out radio transmitters were thwarted by the primitive nature of the vacuum tubes in use at the time, so the low-frequency WW2-era radar could detect an F-35 as an F-117 Nighthawk was detected and shot down by the Serbs during the 1999 Kosovo War. However, the Race could still detect and destroy any radar sets at will as soon as they're detected as in the books.

      The big game changer would be hunter-killer drones, which could loiter at high-altitude to observe troop movements and destroy them with missiles, throwing more of a wrench in the asymmetric warfare the Allied and Axis nations used against the Race. They could also have directed energy weapons to shoot down aircraft and early rockets, eliminating the Race's worries about dwindling SAM stocks. And then there are armaments like the GBU-43/B MOAB, or Massive Ordnance Air Blast (also known as Mother of All Bombs) that are non-nuclear in nature and so likely to be more commonly used by the Race.

      Race Landcruisers would be far more invulnerable if based on, say, the Russian T-14 Armata tank, while infantrymales would have better body armor and tactical networking similar to the USA's Nett Warrior system, as well as improved small and heavy arms. Supply lines could be augmented by captured human trucks that could conceivably be turned into unmanned supply vehicles by applying an equivalent of the TerraMax UVG package, which is designed to be integrated into any tactical wheeled vehicle, and is fully incorporated into the brakes, steering, engine and transmission.


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        Originally posted by GBW View Post
        For example, .
        It's tough to say because the Race should have won anyways. I think they would have if they just brought their cell phones with them (as seen in Homeward Bound). Networking tech and drones would be a big help. MOAB doesn't seem like in practice it'd be that significant compared to the daisy cutters that'd should've had. Don't know anything about Russian tanks, was just thinking how the U.S. is still using the Abrams, with upgrades of course, but I don't know if they changes are that important when you're fighting WWII tanks.