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  • Alternate World Map Challenge

    As titled, the challenge is to create a base world map for an alternate history textbook I've been writing, which itself would serve as a blueprint for future stories. To get an idea, let me show you this map by DinoSpain.

    Here are the guidelines for this challenge:
    1. The map must be equirectangular. That way, distortion is kept to a beneficial minimum.
    2. I don't have a specific requirement for size, but 942 KB is a good bet.

    Now here is the challenge itself, in whichever order comforts you the most:
    • Add in the political boundaries and mark them in a dark color. (For further clarification, that includes all 50 United States and all of Canada's provinces and territories.)
    • Add in the primary and secondary subdivisions (states and counties in nations outside the USA or Canada), topographic contour lines and rivers and mark them all as one color, preferably lighter than the political boundaries'. (The only exception to this is adding contour lines on Asia. Do NOT add Asia's topographic contour lines in this map. I am also after a 2D map, so the topographic contour lines should indicate the borders of geographical features, not the depth.)
    • Widen the Atlantic by 1350 miles, putting the Prime Meridian in Lisbon instead of Greenwich. Which creates a landbridge that connects Asia to North America, erasing the Bering Strait off the map and shrinking the Bering Sea. To that extent, it would be like turning the Russian urban locality of Egvekinot (66.3205 degrees North and 179.1184 degrees West) into the next-door neighbor of Teller, Alaska.
    • Drag Australia so far down southward that the distance between it and Antarctica is cut by half.

    Now the reason for adding political boundaries and subdivisions with rivers and other geographic borders is in the event that you plan on using a Photoshop tool like Paint or Magic Wand to create more believable geographic features or AH empires without worrying about "straight" borders because if either a geographic or empirical border has a straight edge, then you've got a problem. By adding the outlines of rivers and topographic borders alongside the political borders and the primary and secondary subdivisions, hopefully, then straightness could at least be lessened, and tools like Paint and Magic Wand would be used to create a more desirable world map rather than working on many different maps.

    The deadline is November 11, 2017. Have fun!