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Nucleon (Retrofuturism Setting)

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  • Nucleon (Retrofuturism Setting)

    This is an atomicpunk/jetpunk/rocketpunk setting idea, which also has some cyberpunk elements. It has some similarities to Fallout, but it is intended to be more realistic.


    The setting is 1990, give or take a decade. Compared to our timeline there is far more use and acceptance of nuclear technology and peaceful applications of Our Friend the Atom (nuclear energy was once Disney material). The politically caused energy crises of the 1970s never occur and the decade becomes known as the Surging Seventies. Rotary engine commuter cars prowl the roads alongside massive Cadillac Sixteen luxury cars, while supersonic airliners streak overhead. Cheap atomic energy provides plentiful power for new consumer appliances such as laserdisc players, color televisions, and microwave ovens. A small number of people even commute to their job by rocket - they work on one of the many space stations orbiting Earth or one of the handful of scientific outposts on the Moon.

    However, by the 1980s the dream is on the verge of becoming a nightmare. Fossil fuels and other resources become increasingly scarce, resulting in steadily rising energy prices and outright shortages in many nations. Petroleum reserves are expected to become depleted around the year 2000. Agriculture suffers from increasingly severe weather and a general decline in production due to acid rain, leading world grain reserves to their lowest levels in decades. While scientists issue reassuring public statements about the impeding commercialization of fission breeder reactors and battery powered cars and claim that fusion power is only twenty years away, internal estimates are far more dire given mounting evidence of severe damage to the ozone layer and global climate.

    Organizations and Countries

    The world superpowers are the United States, Soviet Union, European Community, and the People’s Republic of China. The Middle Eastern Confederation, Japan, India, and Imperial Iran are major regional powers.

    Timeline and Setting (Click Here)

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    Any questions, comments, etc. on the setting?


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      Generally interesting, but it makes no sense to have way more nuclear energy, yet be running out of fossil fuels, when we in our OTL are seeing proven reserves actually *increase* because of new drilling and recovery technologies. Seems contradictory to me on the face of it. You'll also need to flesh out the politics of WHY there was no anti-nuclear movement in the West, or it why it was at least muted.

      Similarly, how did the PRC emerge as a superpower so soon? It's hard to remember now, but it took decades for China to recover from the Cultural Revolution, and it was only the opening of western markets that made it possible from the Clinton Era on. It's hard to iamgine China doing better in the 60s and 70s and in fact if the Gang of Four had prevailed in the power struggle when Mao died, it might have gone far worse.