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  • How do you go about publishing

    I thought this could be a good topic to start the discussion in this forum. Some of us have publishing credits to our names; others may yet be looking for the first publishing contract, or may choose to go self-publishing route. Since we have a number of authors with works out there, how do you folks go about getting yourself published? Do you select to go through a publisher, or do you go for it independently? What services do you use - professional proofreaders, editors, artists, or do you expect the publisher to supply all of these (unless, of course, you are going for it on your own)?

    Where do you think the most value was added to your works during the publishing process, and which method of publishing seems to work better for you?

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    My philosophy at the moment is the 'shotgun' approach: there are tons of small presses, zines and anthologies out there. Yes, the vast majority pay crap money, but as a new writer the point is to get your name out there.

    Once you have a certain 'core' of published works, you start finding out that publishers start coming to you.
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      My magazines are always listed on Duotrope, and it is interesting that many who send submissions list their works as chapbooks (which I understand are self-published small collections) and contributions to as many magazines and journals as they can. Since I have no money, I cannot pay for contributions, but those submitting having found my magazines on Duotrope know that, and believe that exposure, a wider publishing history and just getting out there helps them get known as an author - or perhaps to prove they're an author.

      (In reply/agreement with Bruno)