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  • AHF Magazine - new quarterly publication

    AHF Magazine is launching this week. Its taking a bit longer than I had hoped to launch a new magazine from scratch, and I am having a few formatting (Word for Windows 10) problems, but its imminent. At the moment, it is the same type of Terms and Conditions as The Wolfian - no fees are paid for submissions but no copyright is claimed. I am intending to take it to Fundrazr for crowdfunding once I have proved the concept and if that works will be able to pay small fees for submissions, advertise and maybe get a print run (as opposed to print-on-demand as the only non-ebook format). I am going to need technical help making a video, that kind of thing, a few people have expressed interest but I need more, as well as music that I can use without paying out of my nose!

    Thank you to everyone who has helped along the way, even if just with a word of encouragement, or allowing me to republish a story. The first issue may be about 40% republishing, but a lot of it certainly won't have been seen by readers in the genre.

    Best Regards
    Grey Wolf

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    How do I edit this post? Or delete it?


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      Editing a comment
      You should see an "edit" button on the lower right corner of the post (though I believe it might be subject to time limitations, i.e. you can only delete it within 24 hours or so). If you would like to delete the post or the thread, I can do that as well.

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    Thanks - I've had to delay the launch til June due to Word 2010 fucking up the compiled file several times, and me eventually having to get back to real life and try to earn some money. I gave it 12 hours over the weekend, but it would be May before it could come out, illogical for a Spring edition so it made more sense to delay it til June and to buy a new hard drive for the old laptop and see if I can get it working again, and install Word 2003 on it

    Bedraggled Roasted Goatherds
    Grey Wolf


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      AHF Magazine is now calling for submissions for issue 2, due out at the end of January

      Please email them to