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    Disquieted Dreams Press - Anthology Call

    Disquieted Dreams Press has opened submissions for their anthology "In Our Bodies". They're looking for horror stories of 2000 to 5000 words with the theme of body horror. They want you to make the readers skin crawl. The deadline is October 15, 2016 and payment is $10. You can find the details here.
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      Mocha Memoir Press - Anthology Call

      Mocha Memoir Press has posted an anthology call for "In Curious Incidents: More Improbable Adventures". They're looking for Holmes and Watson stories of 4000 to 8000 words. But they don't want the stories set in Victorian England and they must be paranormal in nature. This is open to all genres. The deadline is October 14, 2016 and payment is a royalty split plus a print copy. You can find the details here, just scroll down to the Current Calls section.
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        Deadline: October 31st, 2016.
        Payment: 2¢(AUD) per word.

        Deadline: October 31st, 2016. We’re offering payment of: 2¢ per word (AUD), plus contributor’s electronic copy. Providing we cover costs with the first run, contributors will receive one (1) copy of the paperback gratis, plus theoption to buy up to five (5) additional copies at publisher’s cost. Hardbacks will be produced if demand allows.
        What’s HOT:
        Oz Horror Con is seeking original thriller, suspense, dark fantasy or supernatural tales 3,000-5,000 words to be published in our forthcoming ‘Between the Tracks’ anthology, intended publication Q1 2017. “Between the Tracks” should give you some inspiration, but please be imaginative. We don’t want reprints (unless they’re amazing!) or cliched tropes, re-writes of movies plots or other published works. Don’t limit yourself to train tracks either. Think outside the tracks to deliver us something between the tracks.
        Stories should be dark, and include a train or something similar – a tram, a cart, some other kind of vehicle that requires a track. Perhaps metaphorical tracks. Whatever track your mind takes, but it must be integral to the story. This will be targeted at a mature audience, but we’re not looking for sex fantasies… unless pivotal to the plot of course! For an example of the kind of story we love, read any of the stories from the editor Steve Dillon, at The Refuge Collection
        What’s NOT:
        We’re not after excessive gore, torture porn, rape, racial or other bigotry or misogyny. You can be explicit with themes and language if required for the story to work, for as long as it’s required. We prefer supernatural horror, creepy tales and suspenseful thrillers than a reliance on visceral horror.
        Edition and Rights:
        Between the Tracks will be published in electronic and paperback form in English – If there’s enough demand, we will put out a deluxe hardback. We are asking for exclusive, worldwide rights to your work for both electronic and print for six months. Payment: Payment is 2¢ per word (AUD) for new fiction, paid at publication, via PayPal only. If you do not have a PayPal account, please do not submit your work. Authors will receive one copy of the electronic version of the anthology.
        Submission Procedures:
        There is no cost to submit, and no complicated forms to fill in. Just submit your best story by email – Include a cover letter with a link to your author bio, and let us know something about your story – not a summary or a re-telling of the story, but what your story is really about – the story beneath the story – between the tracks – if you like. We are NOT accepting poetry. Please do not send poems. Poetry will be deleted without a response. No reprints. All stories should be in rich text format (.rtf) or Word (.doc or .docx) only.
        We do accept simultaneous submissions, but not multiple submissions, and please let us know if your story has been accepted elsewhere. Please send your best work only. Only one story from each author will be considered. If you’re not sure if your story is suitable, feel free to email your idea to us; or just go ahead and submit it and let us decide.

        Deadline: October 31st, 2016 (or until the train is ready to leave…)
        Via: OZ Horror Con.
        Deadline: October 1st, 2016
        Payment: $25 and contributor’s copy
        Note: This just hit my inbox so I apologize about the short notice!

        Hell is for Children is a horror anthology and it’s all about terrifying stories involving children. Whether they are ghost stories, tales of possession, or simply being about children who are bad seeds, we are looking for stories that will terrify and linger with you long after you’ve finished reading.
        We want dark, original stories with strong character development that embraces the theme of the anthology but still manage to push its boundaries as well. Gory, haunting, twisted or dark, if it’s fresh and original we want to read it.
        Here are the guidelines:
        Short Fiction (3,000 to 6,000 words) for Hell is for Children
        • We are currently seeking short stories for our first horror themed anthology, Hell is for Children.
        • Submission Deadline 10/1/16
        • Submission Guidelines:
          • Include an email containing word count, brief bio, and contact information
          • Please confirm that your story has not been published before
          • Attach your complete story in .doc, .docx, .rtf format.
          • We are not accepting reprints
          • Simultaneous submissions for short stories are allowed but we ask that you contact us immediately if your story is accepted elsewhere
          • Send to, with subject line: Hell is for Children – Title – Author
        • Payment: We pay $25 per accepted submission and a digital and print copy of the anthology
        Via: Off The Beaten Path Press.
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          The time has come! We’re opening up submissions for a trio of speculative fiction anthologies that we hope you’ll love.
          Edited by A J Dalton, Robyn Fulton, Kate Coe and Amanda Rutter. We’re proud to bring you the following:
          Infinite Dysmorphia
          An anthology of science fiction and speculative stories exploring how science and technology could change what it means to be human.
          We’re looking for stories that explore ideas including, but not limited to: bio implants, cybernetics, genetic modification, and age reversal and the human experience of undergoing such procedures.
          You are encouraged to populate and create your own world with original characters and to set the tale as close or as far away from present time as you wish. We’re after fresh and engaging work that makes us laugh, cry, and think. Show us what the future holds should technology continue to advance at unprecedented speed.
          Terra Nullius
          Land belonging to no-one. An anthology of speculative fiction that explores the colonisation of our Solar System and far beyond, where pioneers carve out a new existence under other stars.
          New worlds and new challenges bring the potential for rich stories filled with alien races and strange technology, but against this backdrop we want to experience the many facets of human emotion during the struggle to make a new home. Show us human life on the final frontier.
          We’re looking for stories that leave us thinking about the characters long after The End.
          Holding On By Our Fingertips
          An anthology of science fiction stories exploring the many different reactions and experiences of people during the 24 hours leading up to the end of the world.
          We’re looking for stories that show us a range of emotions and reactions to the news of the apocalypse. How and why is entirely up to you, but some examples include nuclear warfare, alien invasion, ecological disaster, an impact event, dysgenics and so on.
          Our base instinct is to survive, but when the end is nigh, do we simply lie down and die? Or do we celebrate our life and achievements?
          Exploring the uncertainty of our future can sometimes force us only to look at misery, but we encourage you to have fun. Whatever the reaction, make us feel the many emotions of your characters.
          Love, loss, forgiveness, revenge, or just that final goodbye…
          Anything take your fancy? We hope so!
          We’re asking that stories are between 6-10k in length and polished to perfection.
          Submissions period is open until the end of January 2017.
          Please send all stories to us via our submittable link: Kristell Ink SUBMIT NOW!
          We’ll be starting up a Facebook group for those interested to join and ask questions etc, for now though the page is a little sparse but will, obviously, become more interesting over time! Anthology Facebook Group
          Payment will be £10 on acceptance of story, plus a physical copy of the publication, the eBook, and royalty share of profits.
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            What they want:
            The monsters we have come to know and love take a backseat as we delve into the darkest, most hideous depths of a monster that has taken center stage as of late–HUMANS. I’m looking for ‘psychological horror’, horror that comes from within.

            There lies a darkness in us all–what are some of the scariest atrocities humans are capable of doing? What ‘demons’ lurk in their heads, causing them to do the things they do? Humans can also create monsters out of humans…. Tell me “how”–the possibilities are endless. I want to see how ugly the human race can really get.
            Deadline: November 30, 2016
            Length: Up to 7,000 words
            Payment: 3 cents/word
            Submission Guidelines:


            What they want:
            We are looking for intriguing stories centered on animals that at some point were used in animal testing. We prefer stories that end in a rescue. So put on those thinking caps, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Genre is open: horror, sci-fi, speculative, literary, even comedy or romance. If it’s well-crafted and follows the theme, we’d love to consider it.
            Deadline: December 20, 2016
            Length: 5,000-20,000 words
            Payment: $25 + digital contributor copy
            Submission Guidelines:

            Zombies Need Brains LLC - Anthology Calls

            Zombies Need Brains LLC has just completed a successful KickStarter to fund three new anthologies which are now open for submissions. They are looking for sci-fi and fantasy stories up to 7500 words for "Submerged", "All Hail Our Robot Conquerors!", and "The Death of All Things". The deadline is December 31, 2016 and payment is 6cents a word. You can find the submission details for all three calls here.

            Mystery and Horror LLC - Anthology Call

            Submissions open today for "Strangely Funny IV" over at Mystery and Horror LLC. They're looking for funny paranormal stories of 2000 to 6000 words. The deadline is November 30, 2016 and payment is $5 plus a royalty split. You can find the details here, just scroll down a bit.

            Third Flatiron - 2017 Anthology Themes Posted
            Third Flatiron Anthologies has posted their themes for 2017. The first one is for weird westerns and opens on November 1, 2016. Stories should be 1500 to 3000 words. Payment is 6cents a word. You can find the themes here, just scroll down the page.
            With Iron And Fire - Now available at Sea Lion Press
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              Zombies Need Brains LLC is accepting submissions to its three science fiction and fantasy anthologies SUBMERGED, ALL HAIL OUR ROBOT CONQUERORS!, and THE DEATH OF ALL THINGS. Stories must be submitted in electronic form as an attachment with the title of the story as the file name in .doc or .docx format. The header of the email should include the name of the anthology the submission is for along with the title of the submission (for example: SUBMERGED: Jellyfish Gone Wild!). The content of the email should also include which anthology the manuscript is intended for. Please send multiple manuscripts in separate emails. Manuscripts should be in manuscript format, meaning double-spaced, 12pt font, standard margins on top, bottom and sides, and pages numbered. Please use New Times Roman font. The first page should include the Title of the story, Author’s name, address, and email, and Pseudonym if different from the author’s real name. Italics and bold should be in italics and bold.

              Stories for this anthology must be original (no reprints or previously published material), no more than 7,500 words in length, and must satisfy the theme of the anthology.

              SUBMERGED is to feature science fiction or fantasy stories that are set underwater at some point. It does not have to be set completely underwater, but at some point the events of the story must lead in a natural way to an underwater adventure. There should be a significant reason for why the action must take place underwater; this should NOT be a story where it easily be rewritten on land and maintain its cohesion. We are attempting to fill half of the anthology with science fiction stories, and half with fantasy stories. Stories featuring more interesting settings underwater and twists on the typical underwater themes will receive more attention than those that use standard underwater tropes. In other words, we don’t want to see 100 stories dealing with Atlantis. If we do, it’s likely that only one, at most, would be selected for the anthology. So be creative, choose something different, and use it in an unusual and unexpected way. We are looking for a range of tones, from humorous all the way up to dark.

              ALL HAIL OUR ROBOT CONQUERORS! is to feature stories where the robots of the story somehow harken back to the 50s/60s style of robots. The story can be set in the far future, but at some point there should be a significant nod toward the robots from that era—either a significantly advanced robot that is simply housed in a 50s/60s style shell, or a robot exactly like those from the 50s/60s but used in an interesting and believable way in the story. Stories featuring more interesting takes on the 50s/60s style robots, and twists on how they are integrated into the story, will receive more attention than those with more generalized robots. So be creative and use your robot in an unusual and unexpected way. We are looking for a range of tones, from humorous all the way up to dark.

              THE DEATH OF ALL THINGS is to feature stories where Death is a character in the story. The version of Death used should be unique, so consider all different types of versions of Death seen throughout history and in different cultures. Stories featuring more interesting takes on Death, and twists on how Death is integrated into the story, will receive more attention than those with more standard depictions of Death. So be creative and use Death in an unusual and unexpected way. We are looking for a range of tones, from humorous all the way up to dark. Note: We are NOT looking for torture porn, nor gratuitous violence of any kind.

              The deadline for submissions is December 31st, 2016. Decisions on stories should be completed by the end of February 2017. Please send submissions to You will receive a receipt email within a few days of receiving the submission and having it filed for consideration. Notices about decisions on the stories will be sent out no later than the end of March 2017.

              If your story is selected for use in the anthology, you should expect a revision letter by the end of April 2017. Revisions and the final draft of the story will be expected no later than the end of May 2017. These dates may change due to the editors’ work schedules. Zombies Need Brains LLC is seeking non-exclusive world anthology rights (including electronic rights) in all languages for the duration of one year after publication/release of the anthology. Your story cannot appear elsewhere during that year. Pay rate will be an advance of a minimum of 6 cents per word for the short stories. For each additional $10,000 raised above the Kickstarter minimum of $20,000, we will increase this advance pay rate by 1 cent per word. The anthology will be published as an ebook and an exclusive mass market paperback edition, distributed to the Kickstarter backers. The book would be available after that to the general public in ebook and trade paperback formats. Advances would be immediately earned out by the success of the Kickstarter. Royalties on additional sales beyond the Kickstarter will be 25% of ebook cover price and 10% of trade paperback cover price, both split evenly (not by word count) between the authors in the anthology and the editors of the anthology.

              Deadline: December 15th, 2016
              Payment: $50 and potentially royalties
              Note: Reprints Allowed

              Shelter by Nightfall is an upcoming ebook edited by Clayburn Griffin. It will include several short stories exploring the subject of home and its importance in our physical and emotional well-being as humans. This collection will feature new and independent authors for readers to get a taste of their talent and style. Be sure to sign up for updates below to be notified when the book is available for purchase.
              We are still accepting stories for Shelter by Nightfall. The deadline has been extended to December 15th! If you’re interested please follow these steps:
              • Write a short story between 6,000 and 10,000 words on the theme of Home and its significance to the Human Condition.
              • Email your short story as a Microsoft Word or Google Doc to
              • Include in your email a short bio of 200 words or fewer. List any relevant websites or social media profiles too.
              • If your story is selected, you will receive a response with next steps to prepare for publication.
              Rules & Payment Information:
              • Submitted stories may be previously published, however the author must own appropriate rights to republish globally.
              • Author will be required to grant global publishing rights for inclusion in the Shelter by Nightfall story collection.
              • Authors whose stories are selected for inclusion in Shelter by Nightfall will receive a $50 one-time payment upfront. Additional royalties of 6% of revenue (after any seller or marketplace commissions) will be paid out monthly for five years from publishing date. No additional royalties will be given for sales after five years from the original publishing date, even in the case of subsequent published editions of Shelter by Nightfall.
              • Edits may be suggested or requested. If a final version cannot be reached meeting our approval, the story may be declined inclusion despite initial interest.
              • For consideration, all stories must be submitted by the deadline of 11:59 PM EST December 15th, 2016.
              • We will be unable to respond to every submission.
              • No more than two submissions per author (only one story may be selected for inclusion).
              • Rules subject to change.
              Via: Clayburn Books.
              Word limit: 3000-6000 words.
              Pay rate: $250/story
              Genre: Science Fiction only (no Fantasy, Steampunk or Horror, although horror elements may be present in the story).
              Language: English (translations are welcome).
              Submissions open: August 1, 2016
              Submissions close: December 31, 2016
              Rights: We claim first world English rights (no reprints). For an excellent break down of what this means, please see Neil Clarke’s post here.
              When going somewhere dangerous, take a human. Humans are tough. Humans can last days without food. Humans heal so quickly, they pierce holes in themselves or inject ink under their epidermis for fun. Humans will walk for days on broken bones in order to make it to safety. Humans will literally cut off bits of themselves if trapped by a disaster.
              You would be amazed what humans will do to survive. Or to ensure the survival of others they feel responsible for.
              That's the other thing. Humans pack-bond, and they spill their pack-bonding instincts everywhere. Sure it's weird when they talk sympathetically to broken spaceships or try to pet every lifeform that scans as non-toxic. It's even a little weird that just existing in the same place as them for long enough seems to make them care about you.
              But if you're hurt, if you're trapped, if you need someone to fetch help? You really want a human.
              (Thanks to Tumblr user iztarshi for the idea and the above copy. Used with permission)
              I am looking for stories that show diverse humanity in a positive light, as useful contributors to the universe. I want humans who build relationships and forge new paths, not humans that destroy or devastate those they meet. Submit stories with strong characters in positive stories that portray humans as useful and generally helpful to the universe. Diversity is encouraged.
              Any type of science fiction is acceptable (whether it be “hard” or “soft,” “space opera” or “near-future” etc.). Keep your story PG-13 so many readers can enjoy the anthology.
              Writers of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to submit.
              Send your stories formatted in Standard Manuscript format attached as a .doc to humanswanted at gmail dot com. Include your name, byline, email address, mailing address, and approximate word count.
              With Iron And Fire - Now available at Sea Lion Press
              Alternative Truths - Now available on Amazon