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  • October/November/December Submissions
    *NEW* Dark New Orleans Short Story Submission Request *NEW*
    Instructions: Send your submission to for consideration with “Night in New Orleans” as the subject line, but please read our guidelines below!
    Submission Guidelines:
    Submit by October 15, 2016 with a rough release date of April 2017
    Word Count: 1,000-6,000
    Content Requirements: Your story must take place in New Orleans. The time-period and content is your choice, but DO be unique and DO make it SPOOKY!
    Payment: Accepted submissions will be awarded payment in the way of $10 upon printing. It may not be much, but we are a small and humble press just getting our start and it’s all we can offer at this time besides a little social media promotion and beyond. If your submission is accepted, you will also receive a printed copy of the anthology! Anyone wishing for extra copies to distribute to family and friends (or to sell on their own) will pay the flat, wholesale price plus shipping.
    Format: Format should be in standard manuscript format and submitted as .doc, .docx, or PDF. Unfortunately, we cannot accept reprints at this time. Please include a brief cover letter introducing yourself along with your submission.
    Response Time: Please be aware that it may be eight weeks or more before you receive a response from FunDead Publications, due to the number of submissions we receive.
    Diversity Statement: We at FunDead Publications believe diversity is what makes fiction wonderful and unique and we welcome submissions from writers of every race, religion, nationality, gender, and sexual orientation.
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    Following the rabbit down the hole is the easy part. Battling time is what will kill you. Whether you’re trying to get back home or struggling to survive in Wonderland, your stories MUST be horrifying.
    “You act as if time is on your side. He isn’t. He’s always on his own side.”
    At the most basic, your story must have a clock involved. Clockpunk, clock engineering, and steampunk with clock elements is encouraged as well as the thought of time as an entity. Be creative, turn Wonderland on its ear. Twist it, tweak it, punk it.
    Your story may star or co-star any of the characters in the original text by Lewis Carroll, as well as characters of your own creation. Feel free to “punk” any of the characters to fit your vision, but do not use any characters from other modern day Wonderland series.
    A word from the editor: I don’t care how well your story is written, if it’s not scary, or horrifying, it won’t make the cut. We are Bring the horror.
    Manuscript Format:
    Font: either Courier or Times New Roman.
    Double spaced, font 12 point.
    Your manuscript must be in either DOC or RTF format.
    1st page header to state: author name, mailing address, email address, and word count.
    Following pages header to state: author name, story name, and page number.
    In the body of the email:
    100 words or less bio about you.
    One sentence explaining the story attached. Your elevator pitch.
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ids
    Your website or blog
    Subject of the email state:
    CLOCKWORK WONDERLAND/Author Name/Story Title
    Send to:
    No previously printed work and no simultaneous submissions.
    Deadline: October 31st, 2016, 11:59pm PST
    Length: 2,000-5,000 words
    Payment: $10.00 USD + digital contributor copy
    Return time: Final decisions will not be made until AFTER the submission close date (10/31/16). You should expect a return within 3 months of the submission close date.
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      The deadline for this is actually January 2017 but sticking this here because it's convenient.

      Dark Toronto Anthology – Open Submission

      What’s that rumbling sensation under your feet? Is it the subway train? Or perhaps the return of the Cabbagetown Monster?
      What ghosts lurk in the castle? Who whispers in the tunnels? What strange lights flicker in the windows of Casa Loma late at night?
      Those rolling patches of fog from Lake Ontario could be lake fog or perhaps they’re the ghosts who haunt the Legion Road streetcar stop?
      What lures the broken hearted to fling themselves from the Bloor Street viaduct?
      Why do they film so many horror movies in Hart House and other U of T properties?
      Is the lighthouse keeper on Toronto Island lonely even though he’s been dead for years?
      Who was buried between the walls at the old Sanctuary Vampire Sex Bar?
      If you’re familiar with the dark history of Toronto, you may know the answers to some of these questions. You may even be tempted to create some of your own.
      Dark Toronto is looking for fictional horror stories set in Toronto. This anthology is open to anyone who can write a horror story about Toronto and make us feel like we’re there. Stories originally set in Boston or Dublin and transposed to Toronto, will be easy to spot.
      There are many unique characteristics about Toronto. There are many creepy, dark, and strange places that may or may not harbour creatures of the night. So be certain you’re intimate with the setting before you submit.
      Toronto The Good? Dark Toronto aims to bury that nickname. At the bottom of Lake Ontario. Where many of the city’s skeletons rest.
      • 3000 to 6000 words.
      • 12 pt Times New Roman, Standard Manuscript Format
      • Please include name, mailing address, and word count on page 1 of manuscript
      • Email submissions in RTF or DOC format.
      • Email all submissions to with manuscript as an attachment.
      • Closing date for submissions is January 30, 2017
      • Estimated publication date is October 2017
      • Payment will be 3 cents (CDN) per word. Payment upon publication
      Christopher Jones has co-edited the anthologies Eulogies II: Tales From the Cellar and Eulogies III with Nanci Kalanta and Tony Tremblay for HW Press. They are currently working on Eulogies IV. He lives in Toronto.
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        Officially December 2016 but may end sooner.

        How do you cure your Netflix (or Amazon, Google movie, or Hulu) addiction and return to your first love, reading books? You know you want to read more. You know you enjoy reading. You know you look forward to finishing a book because then you can start a new adventure.
        But how? How do you get into reading when the siren call of streaming movies becomes more powerful every year? A three-hundred page novel is daunting in the face of Netflix and friends’ wonders. It’s too easy to put on pajamas, pour a glass of wine, and offer your eyes to a TV, tablet, or computer screen until sleep summons you.
        Enter The Binge-Watching Cure: Fabulous Stories that Start Small and Grow Longer, edited by Bill Adler Jr. The Binge-Watching Cure will be an anthology of short stories of increasing size. The first story will be 100 words—anyone can read that. The next, 200 words. Then 500, then longer, all the way to novella length. By the time you’ve finished reading The Binge-Watching Cure, you’ll be able to tackle Joyce and Pynchon. Or at the very least, you’ll enjoy novels you hear about from friends and family. The Binge-Watching Cure will reignite your love for reading; it will better your life.
        Just as you enter a cold swimming pool one body part at a time, get used to drinking beer sip by foamy sip, or learn to enjoy spicy food in little, fiery nibbles, The Binge-Watching Cure gradually acclimates you to reading longer and longer stories, until a novel-length book goes down smoothly, tasting sweet, and making you want more.
        We want your writing.
        We’re looking for stellar stories of various lengths for The Binge-Watching Cure. The stories must have strong characters and compelling plots. Genre fiction is okay because great fiction often crosses the genre barrier. No erotica and no stories with excessive violence. Please see our FAQ for more about what we’re looking for.
        We pay $200 for short stories that are under 5,000 words and $500 for stories that are 5,000 words or longer. We will be licensing the non-exclusive print and electronic book rights, including foreign-language rights (but not audio, film rights, or magazine rights). Your name and bio will be included along with your story. Contributors also receive a copy of The Binge-Watching Cure. Previously published stories are okay, as are simultaneous submissions. There will be a signed contract, of course. The Binge-Watching Cure will be published in 2017.
        Here’s the important part: We want stories within 15 percent of the following word counts (within 20 percent for stories 10,000 words and longer):
        The Binge-Watching Cure will have one story from each of these length categories.
        Questions? Visit our FAQ page. Our FAQ page has more detail about the kind of stories we’re looking for.
        Ready to submit? Hop over to our submissions page.
        Follow Bill Adler on Twitter.
        Visit Bill Adler’s Goodreads page.
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          Magical Menageries #5: Equus

          Horses are represented in mythology and folklore from Paleolithic right up to modern times. What is it about these magnificent creatures that fascinates us and captures our hearts? Is it their intelligence, their power, their beauty or something else that draw us to them? That is just one of the questions we’re going to explore in Equus.
          I will be looking for stories about every kind of horse from the earthly to the mythological and though I’ll be placing a special emphasis on horses, unicorns and Pegasus, every kind of magical equine is welcome (and really, aren’t they all magical?). Stories with a strong sense of place will have an advantage, as will those which explore the connection (for better or for worse) between equines and humans.
          Rights and compensation: Payment: $10 and a paperback copy of the anthology from World Weaver Press. We are looking for previously unpublished works in English. Seeking first world rights in English and exclusive right to publish in print and electronic format for six months after publication date, after which publisher retains nonexclusive right to continue to publish for the life of the anthology.
          Publisher: World Weaver Press
          Anthologist: C’est moi
          Open submission period: September 1st – November 30, 2016
          Length: Under 7,500 words
          Submission method: Email story as a .doc or .rtf attachment to fae [at] worldweaverpress [dot] com. Subject line: Equus Submission: TITLE
          Simultaneous submissions = okay. Multiple submissions = no.
          Expected Publication Date: Summer 2017
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            The deadline for this isn't until January 2017 but it'll probably fill up fast, so I'm putting it here:

            Dense Weed Publications is a new market looking for submissions for a horror anthology. They want horror stories up to 10,000 words. There is no theme. The deadline is January 30, 2017 and payment is a royalty share. You can find the details here.
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              The Dames of Detection & Level Best Books announce they will be releasing a new anthology in 2017, in addition to the Best New England Crime Stories anthology. Busted: Arresting Stories from the Beat will focus on stories by and about law enforcement professionals.

              We will be accepting short story submissions for the new anthology from August 1 – October 31, 2016. The anthology will be published on April 25, 2017.
              Submission Guidelines for Busted: Arresting Stories from the Beat
              Stories must be written by or about law enforcement professionals. We are looking for crime stories in the following genres: mystery, thriller, suspense, caper, and horror. Stories can take place during any time period (historical, modern day, future, etc.)
              • We will not consider stories that feature graphic scenes of torture or sex
              • Stories must not exceed 5,000 words
              • Stories must be previously unpublished in print or electronically, including self-published works (to include author websites).
              • Stories from both published and unpublished authors will be considered.
              • The Level Best editors will consider up to two stories from the same author in the same submission period.
              • Law Enforcement Professionals do not include Private Detectives
              How to submit
              Submissions will be accepted from August 1 – October 31, 2016
              • Please email your submission to
              • Type Short Story Submission in the subject line of your email (without it attachments will not be opened)
              • Include your name, address, phone number, email, story title, word count, and a brief summary of your publishing experience (if any) in the body of the email
              • Send your story as a Word attachment, double-spaced
              • Submissions will be read blindly by the judges. Your story will be coded to insure anonymity and be sent on to the judges, therefore your name should not appear anywhere on the attachment
              • We will promptly acknowledge the receipt of your submission
              • There is no entry fee
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                The deadline for this isn't until March 31, 2017 but I'm putting it here cause it's also 'until filled'.


                MacKenzie Publishing is accepting fiction submissions for its second anthology, stories for 18+, titled TWO EYES OPEN. Look at the picture below. What comes to mind? (horror, suspense, thriller, mystery, etc.)
                Submission deadline: March 31, 2017, or when anthology is full
                Payment: $10 Canadian per story, paid via Paypal
                Word count: 2,500 to 5,000 words
                Publication date: August 1, 2017
                MacKenzie Publishing does not accept material which has been published previously, either online or in print. By submitting to MacKenzie Publishing, you are assuring that you hold the rights to the work and are granting MacKenzie Publishing the right to publish the submitted work. MacKenzie Publishing will require exclusive rights to the stories until December 31, 2017.
                To Submit:
                Paste info and document in the body of an email (no attachments) in this order:
                -Title of story, your name, email, word count
                -Bio (up to 150 words)
                Email stories to MacKenzie Publishing at:
                Put the title of your submission in the subject line.
                In the meantime, “like” the TWO EYES OPEN Facebook Page.

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                  Martian Migraine Press is now open to submissions
                  for our fifth annual anthology… A Breath from the Sky

                  The full title of this book will be
                  A Breath from the Sky: Unusual Stories of Possession
                  As long-time readers and authors involved with MMP know, our annual anthology project takes a seed story or concept from the history of Weird Fiction and allows that seed to grow in strange and interesting new ways. We encourage our authors to unshackle themselves from the standard tropes that can weigh down the imagination and move into truly authentic dimensions of fear, awe, and cosmic wonder. We want to see the Weird move with confidence into the 21st Century, and want our authors to share that commitment. For A Breath from the Sky: Unusual Stories of Possession, the seed story will be H P Lovecraft’s classic The Colour Out of Space. This is easily one of his best works, and will be included in the anthology. Colour presents many interesting entry points into our theme of unusual possession: the titular entity — an unknown, sentient being from beyond the stars that manifests as an unearthly, unplaceable hue is released from a fallen meteorite and proceeds to infect and alter everything around it. The earth, plants, animals, and humans within its sphere of malign influence change and suffer. The Colour pollutes the ground water like a common toxic spill, yet also spreads like radiation. It appears to be a brute force of nature, affecting its surroundings on the molecular and genetic levels, but can also attack specific individuals with something approaching intelligence, inhabiting their minds and reducing them to shambling wrecks both physically and mentally. A Breath from the Sky: Unusual Stories of Possession will offer the reader just that: tales that subvert and challenge the common ideas of what it means to be “taken over” by something that is not yourself. We do not want to see the standard Judeo-Christian “demon possession/exorcism” narrative. We want to see stories that ask “what does it mean to be conscious and aware?” Stories that speculate on the very nature of intelligence, life, and control: of our minds, our bodies, our means of perceiving and arranging the world. We want stories that explore the horror of possession, true, but also stories that focus on the ecstasy of it, the benefits (if any), and the costs and rewards of merging with something outside of oneself, whether by force or by choice. And when we say something, we want to see a broad range of what that thing could be. Is it possible to become possessed by a song? a language? a meme? Are the possessing entities singular, or multiple? More than multiple? An entire species in one person? What would it feel like to be possessed by a machine or a man-made Artificial Intelligence — and has that already happened? Possession on the molecular level, possession by designer drugs, possession by thoughtforms other than demons, possession by other people. Possession by ourselves? Are you even sure that “you” are you? With Lovecraft’s Colour as the seed, we of course expect to see Lovecraftian and Cthulhu Mythos stories, but please, move beyond the easy targets (tentacles bursting out all over) and give us stories that are truly Other in scope: we want to see effects that defy the body, logic, and the laws of physics! For inspiration beyond Lovecraft, we suggest reading Murakami, Borges, William S. Burroughs, and the like. Surprise and delight us, make us question our sanity and loosen our hold on concensus reality. Final story count for the anthology will be determined based on quality and number of submissions. A Breath from the Sky: Unusual Tales of Possession will be released as a softcover paperback and as an electronic book in multiple formats. Submission period closes JANUARY 31, 2017. The anthology will be released in early August of 2017, with a possible launch party at NecronomiCon Providence later that month. Submitting

                  Please use Standard Manuscript format when submitting. That’s double spaced, left justified, Times New Roman or Courier or something at least readable, a header on the first page (at least) with your author info and word count and… well, you know the drill. RTF or DOC files preferred, but DOCx and text files also accepted. Obviously, you could send us something that’s not in Standard Manuscript format, but it will lower your chances of it being looked at seriously. We will look at both original work and REPRINTS.
                  To submit a story to A Breath from the Sky: Unusual Stories of Possession send an e-mail (with the story file attached, not in the body of the email) to:, with subject line: BREATH, title of your story, and your name. Length and Genre

                  For short fiction, we’d like to see anything from 1,500 to 7,000 words.
                  FLASH FICTION: got something under 1500 words? Send it in. However, the following still applies…
                  NO POETRY.

                  All accepted submissions will be paid .03CAD per word, via Paypal, as well as two contributor copies (paperback) of the anthology, and copies in all electronic formats (mobi, EPUB, and PDF). Authors are also entitled to electronic copies of three additional Martian Migraine Press titles of their choosing. Replies and Queries

                  We will try to acknowledge receipt of your submission within a week of its arrival in our inbox. The submission period itself will close on January 31, 2017 and we should be responding to all submissions, yes or no, throughout the submission period and no later than February 2017. We do our best to ensure that all submissions are contacted and kept up-to-date, but sometimes items fall through cracks, so, if you haven’t heard from us by March 15 2017, please query.
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                    Wicked Run Press - Anthology Call

                    Wicked Run Press has posted an anthology call for "Garden of Fiends: Tales of Addiction Horror". They're looking for novella length horror stories of 16,000 to 25,000 words that fit the theme of addiction. Submissions open on September 1, 2016 and close January 1, 2017. Payment is $500. Reprints are okay but there is a lower pay rate. You can find the details here.
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                      Humans Wanted: Submissions Guidelines!

                      Word limit: 3000-6000 words.
                      Pay rate: $250/story
                      Genre: Science Fiction only (no Fantasy, Steampunk or Horror, although horror elements may be present in the story).
                      Language: English (translations are welcome).
                      Submissions open: August 1, 2016
                      Submissions close: December 31, 2016
                      Rights: We claim first world English rights (no reprints). For an excellent break down of what this means, please see Neil Clarke’s post here.
                      When going somewhere dangerous, take a human. Humans are tough. Humans can last days without food. Humans heal so quickly, they pierce holes in themselves or inject ink under their epidermis for fun. Humans will walk for days on broken bones in order to make it to safety. Humans will literally cut off bits of themselves if trapped by a disaster.
                      You would be amazed what humans will do to survive. Or to ensure the survival of others they feel responsible for.
                      That's the other thing. Humans pack-bond, and they spill their pack-bonding instincts everywhere. Sure it's weird when they talk sympathetically to broken spaceships or try to pet every lifeform that scans as non-toxic. It's even a little weird that just existing in the same place as them for long enough seems to make them care about you.
                      But if you're hurt, if you're trapped, if you need someone to fetch help? You really want a human.
                      (Thanks to Tumblr user iztarshi for the idea and the above copy. Used with permission)
                      I am looking for stories that show diverse humanity in a positive light, as useful contributors to the universe. I want humans who build relationships and forge new paths, not humans that destroy or devastate those they meet. Submit stories with strong characters in positive stories that portray humans as useful and generally helpful to the universe. Diversity is encouraged.
                      Any type of science fiction is acceptable (whether it be “hard” or “soft,” “space opera” or “near-future” etc.). Keep your story PG-13 so many readers can enjoy the anthology.
                      Writers of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to submit.
                      Send your stories formatted in Standard Manuscript format attached as a .doc to humanswanted at gmail dot com. Include your name, byline, email address, mailing address, and approximate word count.
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                        Tacitus Publishing - Anthology Call

                        Tacitus Publishing has opened submissions for a new anthology titled "Shattered Space". They're looking for stories of 1500 to 5000 words that "take place in space and have a strong horror element". The deadline is October 31, 2016 and payment is 1cent a word. You can find the details here.
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                          The Book of Blasphemous Words

                          Deadline: October 31, 2016
                          Payment: $15 and contributor’s copy
                          Theme: Not so long ago, human beings were cursed with fear. They clamored for hope in a world of boundless suffering and death. They called out to the heavens and summoned gods. They crafted religions that would serve as a candle against the howling night.

                          That which alights must also burn.

                          A zealot spits venomous words from his pulpit, his congregation listening and nodding, their disgust with their neighbors boiling into a riotous rage. A girl returns from Bible Camp nine-months pregnant with God’s child—images of a golden flame pressing on her chest, paralyzing her, flood her nightmares. Heaven replaces its angels with automata, dispensing salvation and damnation with callous efficiency.

                          Book of Blasphemous Words is a weird fiction, horror, and speculative fiction anthology about humanity’s relationship with its gods. When we answer the call for salvation from the bondage of the material—when we believe in gods—we reach a hand into the unknown and risk losing it to something peckish. When we forget the power of the hearth, we risk a conflagration that can return civilization to the dirt whence it has come.
                          Simultaneous Submissions: Sure, but please let us know immediately if it was accepted somewhere else.
                          Multiple Submissions: Yes
                          Reprints: Yes, but let us know where it has been previously printed and make sure you have the rights to have it reprinted.
                          Word Count: Up to 10k words.
                          Formatting: This is a very good guide if you have any questions. You can't really go wrong with it. But, if you don't feel like reading that, here's the down and dirty of it.
                          • Italicize italics. Do not underline
                          • Don't use spaces to lead paragraphs. Use tab or, even better, the formatting options to get the indent.
                          • For scene breaks, use either "#" or "***".
                          • Use an easy to read font, like Arial or Times New Roman in a reasonable size (about 12 point).
                          • Double space your work.

                          Please make sure to include a synopsis of the piece in your cover letter. If you're not sure how to do that, here's a good collection of articles to learn from. Yes, even it's poetry or flash. Just a quick line or two helps us out a lot.
                          Aside from that, just be yourself. Tell us anything you think we should know about you or your work. What inspired you to write this? How did you find us? What's your favorite part about this work? Who inspires you?
                          Once you've done all that, go ahead and click this button:

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                            Red Leaf Hollow is a fictional town in New England and you're invited to submit a "spooky fall" story of 1000 to 4000 words in any genre. The details of the town are in the guidelines where you take your story is up to you. The deadline is December 4, 2016 for e-book publication in October of 2017. Payment is $5. The publisher attached to the project is Hocus Pocus & Co. You can find the details here.
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                              Robbed of Sleep is a bi-yearly print anthology. Submissions opened today for their Winter issue. They are seeking flash stories of 100 to 1000 words and shorts of 2000 to 4000 words. The genres seem to be pretty open but they're looking for dark, strange, and weird. The deadline is October 31, 2016 and payment is $5 for flash and $10 for shorts. You can find the details here.
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