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  • AHF Magazine Submission Call

    In association with my AHF website and under my Wolfian Press marque, the 1st issue of the new quarterly AHF Magazine will debut in March

    I've begun gathering submissions, but as always a fair few more are needed to put together THAT magazine that I can see in my head

    AHF Magazine is dedicated to promoting alternate history in all its forms. Published four times a year, it will include the following features:-
    - short fiction in the alternate history genre, including flash fiction and short (2 or 3 piece) serials
    - interviews with authors and artists in the alternate history genre
    - book features and press releases
    - alternate history art
    - reviews of alternate history books, films and television
    - reviews of history books, TV programmes and resources
    - essays on writing and on alternate history
    - miscellany related to the genre, including music, poetry, events etc

    I am open to a lesser strand of science fiction, fantasy, vampire/werewolf, historical fiction, ie lesser in percentage terms. Art and Poetry can certainly be in these areas as much as in purely Alternate History

    I'm looking for cover art, I MAY have something lined up but even if so future issues will need a cover. When I am in a position to list on Duotrope I will send the submission in there.

    Any questions please ask
    Grey Wolf

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    Very depressed only 6 people saw this. Where would be a better place to put it?
    Grey Wolf


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      When do you need something and what's the word length, if any?
      With Iron And Fire - Now available at Sea Lion Press
      Alternative Truths - Now available on Amazon


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        Preferably up to 2000 words, but I'll look at anything up to 3000. Preferred closing date is 11th March, but soon after is just about OK if its a definite yes.
        There is no minimum word limit as I'll count that as very acceptable flash fiction.

        Best Regards
        Grey Wolf


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          It took about 18 months but AHF Magazine is now properly up and running, with a dedicated URL

          and a listing on Duotrope.

          We completed issue 2 in October

          and are taking submissions for issue 3 for the Christmas 2017 market. After this we will keep to a quarterly schedule.


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            Hey Grey Wolf - are there limits on any submission - like standard manuscript format type thing on the stories?