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Squadron, Wings, and other AF elements

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  • Squadron, Wings, and other AF elements

    Currently I'm designing WWII nations for my TL New Balance. Yet I hit a bit of a snag. I'm having issues with putting together the right size elements for Air Forces. Let me make sure I get this straight.
    A squadron is about a battalion size element
    Then you have a group which would be along the lines of a regiment/brigade
    Finally you have a wing which would be about a division in army speak.

    Is this close or did I miss the mark?

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    Flight - platoon, sometimes company.
    Squadron - company, sometimes battalion.
    Group - battalion
    Wing - regiment/brigade.
    Numbered Air Force - division.

    The AF has additional units of division, which could seem confusing. Suggest sticking with the aforementioned structure.


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      Wikipedia has a page on military organization here. If you click on the different unit types then it gives additional information on the differences between Commonwealth, American, and Soviet/Russian organization.