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Technical difference between the old and new forum (for Norbert)

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    This is good to know - I was not aware of adblock interacting with the forum software in this manner. Thank you for bringing the issue to my attention!


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      I have found a similar and perhaps worse problem with Adblock Edge, which uses much the same code as Adblock Plus. This particular thread, page 1, simply did not load despite the fact that I had been able to start it and read it yesterday. I could also load other threads. I had to kill Firefox and even in the first case had to reboot before Firefox would run again. After reading Caesar's post with Opera, I disabled Adblock Edge and could load the thread normally. I was running Firefox 43 for Linux Mint.
      ps. After some reading, I found that Adblock Edge was no longer being updated and disabled it and loaded Ublock Origin. I don't know how well Ublock blocks ads but it does not give problems with this page.
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        Question: Does this forum feature support for Tapatalk or any similar software for Android smartphones? I've wanting to have more activity here, but I'm computerless atm.


        • Midgard
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          I don't believe the current software does have that feature. There is a mobile-specific vBulletin available, but it is rather costly, and does not appear to add a lot more to the overall functionality, which is why I passed on it when setting up this site.

        • Oceano
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          Ah, ok then.