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Is there a place for social posting?

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  • Is there a place for social posting?

    I wanted to post the message below somewhere

    Please can I just mention ‪#‎SaveSamira‬
    I know it looks like advertising but Rodney McCune is trying very hard to raise the funds to allow this little girl from Uzbekistan (who was present at his wedding) to complete her treatment in Moscow

    His article will be carried in issue 6 of The Wolfian, but the need is urgent as the fees are being paid monthly as the money comes in slowly to help her family.
    I would be very appreciative, and am sure Rodney would be extremely happy, if members could share this on social media and other platforms they have access to.
    Thank You for reading this.


    Its important to me as I undertook to help Rodney any way I can and where I don't act on that undertaking I am failing him. I don't know what happens if the hospital does not get its monthly bills paid, maybe it gives a little credit in the assumption it will get sorted. But that is a maybe playing with this little girl's life, and I have promised to ask as many people as possible to repost and share on their own social media, blogs etc, because mine own are now exhausted

    Beset Rearguards
    Grey Wolf

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    The Off-Topic forum is intended for social posting, though it is members-only.


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      Oh, thank you. I'm not sure why I didn't see that. Probably still getting the hang of things!