Do I enjoy my work at freelance writing job? Yes I have and I continue to enjoy the benefits of working there. When my account was verified after passing the grammar and writing tests, I was able to start working immediately. At academia, the writers can both pick orders and bid. I immediately picked an order that was within my area of study. I gave the order my very best. I crafted the paper in accordance to the customer’s needs. When the customer received the paper, he ranked me positively. When a client ranks a writer, the writer is advantaged because the possibility of the same client choosing him/her as a preferred writer is high. The other clients with orders in the same subject may also prefer you after looking at your profile and scores from other clients. When you have reached the maximum number of orders in progress, you are allowed to bid.
Writing is my main source of income. On my first orders, I was not certain whether I would receive my pay. I was very anxious and I did not know the minimum payout. I enquired from the writer support team and they informed me that there is no minimum payout meaning they bill any amount a writer has worked for. I received my pay on the date without delay. They also have a variety of payment methods in which a writer can choose to use. He/she can also choose to receive the pay twice or once a month as well as save for a given period.
Unlike other sites, academia protects its writers against fraudulent clients. A writer does not communicate with the client directly to negotiate an order. The orders are made available on the site by the administration. Once a writer has finished his/her order, he/she uploads it. The quality assurance team then checks if the order has met all the guidelines and instructions of the client. I have found myself in position of being asked to revise an order by the editorial team. If the wok is approved, it is sent to the client who can ask for a revision. A revision from a client is uncommon. The writer then waits for the payment.
The payment system is unique because they have a payment cycle. I am able to know the total amount I will receive on a given pay day before they bill it. They have a section called ‘awaiting payment’ where you are informed of the total amount you have earned within the month and the amount you will be paid on that day.
Academia is constantly growing and developing. They have new things each and every year. They included content writing jobs last year. They have been expanding that area. They have orders on website content, different types of blogs, email marketing among others.
Do not hesitate to contact academia if you are an experienced writer or a beginner. They help beginners grow. All you need to have is interest. Sign up now and develop your writing skills.